Braun Thermoscan Lens Filters, LF-40 (40 pcs)

Braun Thermoscan Lens Filters, LF-40 (40 pcs)

Disposable Lens Filters Virtually Eliminates Risk of Cross Contamination

  • Can be used with all models of Braun ThermoScan ear thermometer
  • Ensures accuracy of thermometer readings
  • 40 lens filters per box

Designed to assure accuracy and prevent cross-contamination with Braun ThermoScan home use thermometer.

Made in USA

*Packaging may vary from illustration.  


Designed to assure accuracy with Braun ThermoScan Instant Thermometer home models


To assure accuracy and sanitary practice, change or clean lens filters after each use.

Keep lens filters out of the reach of children.

For operating instructions see use and care manual.

For use only with Braun ThermoScan HM/IRT Series Thermometers


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