Biscuit: More Phonics Fun (My First I Can Read) [Paperback Cover]

Biscuit: More Phonics Fun (My First I Can Read) [Paperback Cover]

Learn to read with everyone's favorite yellow puppy!

Biscuit: More Phonics Fun features 12 mini stories, each including a new phonics sound to help beginning readers master the staples of reading.

Alyssa Satin Capucilli is the author of the popular books about the little yellow puppy named Biscuit as well as the My First I Can Read Book Pedro's Burro, illustrated by Pau Estrada. She lives in Hastings-on-Hudson, New York.


Pat Schories's engaging illustrations of the puppy Biscuit are modeled on her own dog. In addition to having illustrated all the Biscuit books, she is also the artist and author of He's Your Dog and Mouse Around. Ms. Schories lives in Cold Spring, NY.


"My son loves these! These books are not nearly as intuitive as the BOB books, they can be used for Guided Reading but my emergent reader son cannot just pick them up and read them. That said, he LOVES to hear them and enjoys to look at them over and over and read the words that he *can* read. Big hit, I plan to buy him the Superman ones too."
"I bought these books for my 5 year old who is just learning to read. Reading is 'boring', but the superheros in the books make it 'cool' enough for him to want to read them. Each book focuses on a particular vowel sound, ie; long I, short O, etc, so we're able to learn about the different sounds in different words. Some of the pages are pretty difficult for him to read, so I don't expect him to be reading them on his own for a while; however, kids don't learn to read on their own. If you get these books for a beginner reader, expect to sit with them and help them learn."

"The 9 year old we tutor never learned to read. This was one of many tools that have helped him."

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