Firefly Kids! Batman Flashing Sculpted Toothbrush

Firefly Kids! Batman Flashing Sculpted Toothbrush

Light Up Timer Toothbrush™

60 Second Timer | Dentist Recommended*

  • Designed to increase brushing compliance in children, helping create good oral habits at an early age
  • Light flashes for 60 seconds, the dentist recommended time for proper cleaning of each row of teeth
  • Flashes for 60 seconds, then turns off automatically
  • Batteries included (lasts for the life of the toothbrush)
  • Soft bristles
  • BPA free

Kids Comply with Firefly!™

*Dentists recommend brushing for 2 minutes for proper oral care.


Ensure your kids brush twice a day.  Kids should brush top row of teeth until the light stops flashing.  Repeat for bottom row of teeth.  When light no longer flashes, it is time to change your brush (Approx. 3 months).


This toothbrush is not a toy!  Please use it under strict parental guidance.  Do not let kids chew or pull apart plastic pieces.  Although securely contained, this product holds very small micro cell batteries under the plastic cover, which can be harmful if swallowed.  Batteries are not replaceable.  Please dispose of item correctly in accordance with local waste facilities.

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