Little Critter Phonics Fun (My First I Can Read)

Little Critter Phonics Fun (My First I Can Read)

 Learn to read with Little Critter! This 12-book program helps build a foundation for a lifetime of reading fun. The simple stories are full of silly Little Critter antics and feature short and long vowel sounds.

About the author

Mercer Mayer has been writing and illustrating books for children for more than forty years. His most recognized character, the lovable and charismatic Little Critter®, was born in 1975 in the book Just for You. Mercer's Little Critter has since starred in more than two hundred books, which have sold over one hundred and fifty million copies. Born in Arkansas, Mercer now lives in New England with his family.


"I know when many people review these phonics fun books, they are really critical and complain that these books are too short or don't do an adequate job teaching phonics but I believe these books are meant for very young children, as just an introduction to reading and phonics, to get them interested in reading for the future.
That being said, I own the Batman Phonics Fun and now The Little Critter phonics fun and I am one satisfied customer!"

"I love the stories and the little critters, but the books are harder to read for beginners that it sounds like it would be. They are great for reading to the students or children but not for the children to read."

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