MySkn My exfoliator - Face & Body
MySkn My exfoliator - Face & Body
MySkn My exfoliator - Face & Body
MySkn My exfoliator - Face & Body
MySkn My exfoliator - Face & Body

MySkn My exfoliator - Face & Body



All Natural Exfoliator Benefits


  • Have you been spending lots of money on scrubs and beads cleanser when they are not very effective?
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The Benefits of My Exfoliator:


Completely natural: Just with water. For the first time, gentle, chemical free, non abrasive exfoliation Safe: not designed to cut or shave, it glides over the skin leaving it clean & smooth. The design and materials used allow the exfoliator to be easily cleaned. Hygienic and hypoallergenic;


Face & Body Tools: A smaller tool for the face & hard to get at areas around the nose. A larger tool for the contours of the body. Two tools for improved hygiene.


Easy to Use: Simply hang it in the bath or shower area, and use it at the end when the skin is warmed and moist.


No regular replacement: now you can use an exfoliation product that is gentle, chemical free, non abrasive & does not have to be replaced regularly, saving you money!


Accurate: the skin's surface is uneven and the exfoliator helps to smooth the skin by assisting in the removal of the outer layers of excess dead skin cells and debris. As it does this it also removes the surface water from the skin allowing you to see the area already exfoliated;


Effective: gives an instant result. The surface of the skin will feel softer and smoother. In some cases , depending 

on the individual skin type and area being exfoliated, you will actually see the debris that you have removed;


Versatile: can be used on any part of the face or body. You determine the level of pressure you require for exfoliation. It is a personal preference and will be developed the more you use the exfoliator - YOU are in control;


Better Skin Care: and maintains the effect of your skincare professional's treatments and complements your personal skincare program. Now your cleanser, toner & moisturizer will work even better on newer, fresher skin;


Aids Cosmetic Application: Smoothing the skin creates a better surface for more consistent application of cosmetics, particularly around the chin where "lumps & bumps" may persist.





MySkn Body and Facial Exfoliation

Pre Shaving & waxing: Reduces the causes of problems associated with shaving and waxing by preparing the skin for the best shave or wax forever. shaving rashor ingrown hairs, try it; Skin Rejuvenation: using gentle pressure rejuvenates the skin's surface by helping to massage & stimulate blood flow.


Dry skin: Typically we moisturize dead, dry skin. Instead, exfoliate first then moisturize for the best results ever.


Cosmetic Tanning: Smooths & cleans the skin for more consistent cosmetic tanning. Don't like your tan, then take it off easily without harsh or abrasive methods.


Adolescent Skin: Helps to clean the skin's surface and reduce the causes of blocked pores which can make it useful for some adolescent skin types ;


Ergonomic Design: Developed over several years to bring you an ergonomically designed exfoliator that is incredibly effective and easy to use. A quality tool made of the finest materials. Durable and easy to clean. Lasts & lasts.


All Natural Exfoliator Benefits




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